Fuel prices are GH¢14 in England, you’re lucky it is cheaper in Ghana – UK based DJ Paak tells Ghanaians



UK-based Ghanaian disc jockey Paa Kwesi Kwarteng Darko, also known as DJ Paak, has asked Ghanaians to be content with the recent fuel price hikes in the country.

According to him, Ghanaians need to count themselves lucky for buying fuel at GH¢8 while it is much pricier in different parts of the world.

In a Twitter post, Dj Paak who was reacting to Ghanaians’ concerns about recent fuel price hikes said the situation has been dire in the UK where they buy fuel for close to GH¢14…thus Ghanaians need to be content with their situation.

In a nutshell, DH Paak was telling Ghanaians to stop complaining since the fuel price hikes have become a global situation due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine amongst other issues.

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Many Ghanaians did not take kindly to his assertion as they bash him for making what they describe as reckless commentary.

For many, the standard of living in the UK cannot be compared to Ghana thus it was erroneous for DJ Paak to suggest that Ghanaians were lucky for buying fuel below GH¢14.

@majiddysmyname wrote: Oww Paak paaa…u make ishock gyv u oooo…..daily minimum wage in Ghana is basically 13 cedis and that in UK for just an hour is 85 cedis. So this your analysis de333

@djpaak replied: Chaley be realistic. Standard of living be high . Bills be high. Don’t forget that . There mandatory bills you can’t avoid . And you know this

@MerdFewcha wrote: You comparing England to Ghana? White land? How old is ??? England wey one of ein Cities saf big pass Ghana? Come on Paak. You are smarter than this. Comparing England to Ghana is like comparing your Grandad’s Dad to your Grandson. Dont add salt to our injury

@djpaak replied: All I said is fuel is cheaper in Ghana . Waii nso y3 asem

Dk Paak came back to write:

Ghanaians are making it seem like living in Ghana is soo bad . Move out then . Every country dey bleed. People dey work 3 jobs a day soo say dem go fi send money back home. Mo sore ah , na mo kasa by heart.


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