Flood kills one Officer at Ankaful Prison



One Officer at the Ankaful Prison has been killed by the floods that occurred in the area on Saturday.

Narrating the incident to TV3’s Berla Mundi on the New Day show on Monday, June 20, the Public Relations Officer at the Ankaful Prison Superintendent Julius Zenel, said the officer was trying to direct other civilians to a safe location only for him to have slipped and got carried away by the running water.

He said “we were there and around 7, we started seeing water was coming towards the barracks. We have the Ankaful Prison complex we have four Prisons at the complex, we have Communicable Disease Prison, Ankaful National Security Prison, Ankaful main camp prisons, and Ankaful Annex Prison.

“There is a road that passes through all four prisons towards Elmina, so the Elmina Road was flooded. So there was this officer who was trying to direct other civilians on where to pass since we stay there and he slipped and was taken away by the flood.”

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Meanwhile, seventy-seven officers at the Ankaful Prisons have been displaced after their official residence got submerged in water following the floods.

The bungalows that housed the officers and their families got submerged after the water from the Kakum River overflew its banks following the heavy downpour from Friday evening.

They lost personal belongings, uniforms, and other household items.

Assistant Director of Prisons (ADP) Patrick Asiedu the officer in charge of the main Ankaful prisons who spoke on behalf of the director of prisons recounted how the havoc the floods caused the officers with over 70 officers displaced and keeping up with other colleagues.

He said an assessment of the situation had been made and the management of the prisons led by the director of prisons has scheduled a meeting to find immediate support for affected officers.

He also revealed that the authorities of the Ghana prisons service have been in touch with NADMO who are also liaising with them to assist with relief items.

“Unfortunately, three of the rivers we have linked up around Jukwa area and it causes the flood because now the water has to find its course and also the natural way by which the water could have flown was through downstream into the sea.

“About 77 so far officers have been affected. The various officers in charge had to quickly mobilize and shelter them.”

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