Fears hit Parliament over chieftaincy minister’s health



The Herald, has picked up reports from multiple sources on the sad state of a Member of Parliament (MP), saying he is in a very critical state of health.

Lawyer Ebenezer Kojo Kum, who is representing the Ahanta West Constituency in the Western Region on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is said to have suffered a massive stroke sometime last year, rendering him incapacitated in the performance of several of his duties.

Some worried colleagues of his, said he had not been to Parliament for some time now to attend to his legislative job, because he is in a hospital.

Mr Kojo Kum, is also unable to attend to his duties as a Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs in the Akufo-Addo government.

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The massive stroke is reported to have caused him serious brain damage, hence he is on a life-support machine in an undisclosed hospital.

This has thus compounded the woes of the majority NPP side of the House which is already brooding in pain over its numbers. The party is unable to get the required numbers to pass its bills, especially the controversial E-levy.

The Herald’s information is that, although many people in the House of Parliament, including the Parliamentary Press Corps and MPs are aware of the Minister’s condition, they have refused to mention the issue, leaving it for speculation.

A member of the Minority side of the House, Dr Clement Apaak, who is the MP for Builsa in the Upper East Region, has meanwhile noted that the business statement for Parliament this week, presented last week Friday, has “nothing about the obnoxious extortion scheme called E-levy”.

According to the NDC MP, “the NPP side in Parliament has been unable to offer any cogent reason(s) for not reactivating processes to continue the consideration of the Killer E-Levy bill from where we left off last year, or for not withdrawing and relaying the E-levy bill, amended or modified.

He opined that “the claim that the wait is to allow ongoing consultation and sensitisation by the Finance Minister and government appointees via town hall meetings is a ruse. Who consults after the fact?

In a statement he posted on Facebook, Dr. Apaak stated that “the truth is that Akufo-Addo and his NPP don’t have the numbers. And it’s not just the Hon. Adwoa Sarfo. Another member on their side is unavoidably absent. As it stands now, they are unable to account for two of their M.Ps”.

“As I write, the current situation in Parliament is that we the NDC can account for our 137 M.Ps, however the NPP can only rally 135 M.Ps. If they get the support of the independent Member of Parliament, they can only pull 136. If the vote were to be taken today or this week, it would be 136 v 137, motion fails. If they are able to account for one of the two unavailable M.Ps, plus the independent, it would be 137 vs 137, motion still fails”.

“I suspect that the delay in reactivating or withdrawing and relaying the bill is to buy time, with the hope that the now two NPP M.Ps unavoidably absent, will join them.

“Despite all the schemes and plots, we remain resolved, vigilante and will deliver 137 no votes against E-levy any day, any time. NO retreat NO surrender.


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