Experience Can’t Be Bought From The Market To Substitute John Boadu For Any”-Western Regional NPP Chairman



The Western Regional NPP Chairman, Mr. Francis Ndede Siah popularly known as Unopposed has admonished Delegates of the party that, experience is key therefore, no need to sacrifice their existence as General Secretary of the NPP party for any. Since experience can’t be purchased from the Market.

He said the rich experience of John Boadu in elections and the party’s organizational structure make him stand out among other contenders who are contesting him.

Mr. Francis Ndede Siah has, therefore, assured Mr. John Boadu of overwhelming support and victory in the upcoming national elections which are scheduled to take place in July.

Speaking at Elembele, and Takoradi, the Chairman endorse the re maintain the secretary.

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He added that the 2024 General Elections ahead should be the delegate’s prime concern than the internal one. Therefore the need to decide well. The astute Regional Chairman also urged the delegates to put a deaf ear to the rumors and baseless allegations against their hard-working and results-delivering secretary who is gunning to be maintained.

Mr. John Boadu speaking to delegates at Bogoso, Elembele, and Takoradi of the Western Region, assured the massive reforms that will benefit all in the party.

And also ask the delegates to be Ambassadors of the Npp everywhere they find themselves.

He explained why he needs to be maintained as the national secretary. Since Changing all executives will be a strong campaign message against NPP in the future elections John Boadu added.

Bono Regional NPP Chairman, also a campaign member of John Boadu’s team said, NPP join Boadu is the only secretary who’s a threat to NDC. That’s why NDC is much interested in the internal elections, especially the secretary position. And sponsoring some NPP individuals to contest. Just to get John Boadu out since he can’t be influenced to accept bribes from NDC to betray NPP.

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