Defending Akufo-Addo wipes out your integrity – NPP Communicators told



An Evangelist and the 2020 Parliamentary candidate of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) for the Nyheaso Constituency in the Ashanti region Richard Kwamena Agyensem Prah, has told Communicators within the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), that he pities them when they struggle to defend the government.

The businessman whose line of trade is gold jewelry and other ornaments wonders how NPP faithful are managing to be part of the conversation about the fight against galamsey involving the Aisha Huang scandal.

In a radio discussion in Kumasi on Ultimate FM monitored by, he questioned the conscience of most Communicators of the government and their desire, to be honest to the good people of Ghana who gave them the mandate.

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‘‘It has gotten to a stage in this country, that the truth needs to be told, these NPP Communicators, when you defend this government, your integrity is gone’’

‘‘Any NPP member or Communicator, that defends what the President Nana Addo is doing, simply just wipes away his or her credibility, I am telling you this morning” he told show host Julius Caesar Anadem.

‘‘They always know, what they are coming to defend doesn’t make sense but they go ahead to do it’ look at how Richard Ahiagba the Director of Communication, was fumbling on TV,

“The man from Volta Region who wants to speak like an Akyem, with his fake accent and thinks he belongs was trying to deceive Ghanaians and Sammy Gyamfi put him to the test, he started fumbling, they are full of lies they should spare Ghanaians’’

‘‘We are already under too much stress, under too much pain and too much hardship, the least they can do to us is, to be honest to us’’

He is however urging the communicators, that if they are unwilling to admit the government’s shortfall in the galamsey fight, they should not lie or twist bare factors known to the greater populace.

‘‘If the NPP people will not admit, the government has failed, they shouldn’t come on the radio and lie to us all” he said’’.

‘‘They must be modest, humble, sincere, and honest enough to tell the Ghanaians that we are in crisis. I hear the information minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, trying to explain what the president said when we all heard what he said’’

‘‘The minister must afford some sensibilities, he is not the only wisest person here, he must know people who are much more brilliant than him also listened and we know what the president said’’

Assessment of the government’s fight against galamsey has resurfaced in the country after the re-arrest of galamsey kingpin Aisha Huang who many believed had been deported and barred from entering Ghana.

News of her arrest has opened a can of worms as to how she has engaged in all manner of wrong things purported to have been committed by her.

There are also speculations of Aisha Huang having in her possession nude pictures and videos of some highly placed political and business figures in the country.


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