DBalck accused of hoarding cash made from Sefa’s hit songs after buying just a cheap car for her [Details]



“This is injustice, Sefa deserves more than just a car” – Nina Ricchie drags ‘stingy’ DBlack for hoarding cash

Nina Ricchie does not agree with the car gift Sefa received from DBlack, the CEO of Black Musiq Avenue, with the explanation that the artiste deserved more.

According to Nina Ricchie, it did not make absolute sense that after Sefa’s hard work, DBlack could only purchase a mere car for her.

In an interview with Accra FM, Nina said Sefa deserved better and shouldn’t have accepted such a basic car which was unbefitting of her status as a top artiste.

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For her, she could not understand what DBlack has been using the money fetched out of Sefa’s latest viral songs for.

“In recognition of her dedication and hard work. Yeah, as if she’s putting in a lot of effort. So, where is the money, exactly?

“I’m not sure, and that’s the question I’d like to know the answer to.” You understand that this is about self-respect.”

“I’m not implying that she has no regard for herself. She can, however, do better. I saw the car on Instagram and thought to myself, “How can you ride this thing?” It’s a simple vehicle. She ought to be driving a Mercedes-Benz E-class.”

Sefa, as an artiste has risen steadily to the top with hit songs that have transcended the shores of Ghana.

With songs like Shuga, Fever, and Echoke making waves, Nina Ricchie believes Sefa deserves more than just a car from Dbalck and the Black Musiq Avenue fraternity.

“I mean, if she’s working as hard as she is, she should be receiving more than that.” That’s exactly how I feel. Coming from Canada to here. That’s me,” she concluded.


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