City of Charlotte in the USA celebrates ‘Kumasi Day’ today



The Mayor of the City of Charlotte in the United States of America (USA), Vi Alexander Lyles, has declared today, September 19, 2022, as ‘Kumasi Day’ to mark and celebrate the friendly sister-city-relations between the two cities.

Mayor Vi made the proclamation at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center (CMGC) located in the government district of North Carolina, on September 18.

She remarked in her speech that the rich history of the Ashanti culture, deep-rooted in the heart of Kumasi, has been far-reaching and thoroughgoing in effect bearing semblance with the City’s history.

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“We’ve chosen to mark September 19, 2022, as ‘Kumasi Day’ here in Charlotte. It is our pleasure to have the Mayor of Kumasi come to grace this memorable occasion.”

The City of Charlotte and Kumasi City, as part of our shared history, have an immeasurable bond both in values and cultural representation.

The deep-rooted culture of the people of the Great Ashanti Kingdom established in the heart of the Capital, Kumasi, has had a far-reaching and thoroughgoing effect on all of us here.

We are excited to celebrate Kumasi city here and find new ways to promote our deep-seated bond.” Mayor Vi told the media.

The Mayor of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), Hon. Sam Pyne is today expected to visit Charlotte city to participate in the ‘Kumasi Day event and form strategic partnerships with various stakeholders to drive home development.

He is expected to spend three working days in the North Carolina District.

Already, he has been able to establish a strategic partnership with the City of Dallas and has attracted four private investors to develop the dormant Kumasi Children’s Park into a befitting amusement center.

Here is a peek at the itinerary for Sam Pyne’s visit to Charlotte today.

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