Chief Moomen speaks at UNESCO’s Transformation Education Pre-Summit in Paris



Ghanaian playwright and poet, Chief Moomen, delivered an address on African  Cultural Renaissance at a high-level ministerial meeting at the Transformation Education Pre-Summit in Paris.

Speaking on the theme ‘Transforming Africa through Education and valuing of its History’, he said: “As an artist from Africa, I am proud to say that many African artists and content creators, on their own are producing content that is redefining the image of Africa away from the stereotypes that we are used to. So we have shown the way, and it is time for our African governments to catch up – not only with resources but by helping to define an overarching vision that influences the way young Africans think to influence the kind of content that we create.”

He also questioned why Africa spends billions of dollars to import skin-lightening creams, emphasizing that the situation is a result of Africans not appreciating their history and heritage. He said the Africans is influenced by imperialism and colonialism.

“Our educational system must help to liberate our thinking, decolonize our thinking, and to instill pride in us. In so doing, if we think of these things in these areas, not only will we be retaining billions of dollars that we spend on consumption patterns that are not of substance, but because of the way we think we are going to help grow our local economies,” he added.

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He further stated that when it comes to connecting campuses across Africa, it should not only be about academia and lecturers; it should also be about young people.

“Young Africans in Africa must be engaging in exchange programs: East Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa. We usually have exchange programs with European countries, but not with ourselves. If we do not unite our minds and our hearts at the very foundation of our education, then all our efforts at collaborating to liberate and enforce progress in our continent, will not be achieved,” he noted.

In addition, Chief Moomen delivered a keynote performance on the theme ‘Ambition for Change’ to end the summit.


According to the ‘Wogbejeke’ playwright, while at UNESCO, he will also engage in several meetings to introduce his ambitious African heritage project to the world body as he continues to work to build broader international partnerships.

The Transforming Education Pre‐Summit was held in Paris on 28‐30 June 2022.

A Global Engagement Day on 28 June included technical meetings on Thematic Action Tracks and engagements with key stakeholders.

The High‐level segment consisting of Ministerial and Stakeholder engagement took place from 29‐30 June 2022.

The overall objective was to harness the evolving discussions on transforming education, elaborate initial content for the Summit, and generate greater momentum in the lead-up to September.

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