Cathedral: We’d be ungrateful people if we refuse to thank God – Rev. Joyce Aryee



A member of the Board of Trustees for the National Cathedral, Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee, is calling on Ghanaians to show gratitude to God by contributing to the construction of the Cathedral.

According to her, the failure of people to contribute to the elevation of the Cathedral would make Ghanaians a bunch of ungrateful people.

She believes that the project is God’s way of asking the nation to test him.

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“In this time that we are complaining of lack is when God is asking us to test him. God is telling Ghanaians that we should try him because he has been good to us because there have been trying times but God has helped us to sail through…”, Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee said on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo Morning Show.

Recounting some difficult times in the lives of Ghanaians such the 1983 nationwide hunger, she asserted that “God has been kind to us. If we don’t thank God [for his goodness and mercies] then we are very ungrateful people”

Replying critics who are saying the time is not right to build a Cathedral she said the time would never be ripe for building a cathedral.

Critics had expressed the view that mobilizing and channelling funds into the project when Ghanaians are wallowing in economic hardship and poverty is a lost priority.

But the Trustee responded that “there has never been a time in the world where everything is completely okay for people and that time would never come…

“I am surprised…There is hunger but we need roads, there is hunger but we need to build schools, there is hunger yet we give special offerings in church…”

Rev. Dr. Aryee added that the nation acknowledges the presence of God but there is no symbolic representation to that effect.

The National Cathedral, in her view, is a representation that Ghana is a Christian and God-loving nation.

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