BREAKING NEWS : Search team finds body of missing security guard after suspected serial killing



The body of the 58-year-old security man who was suspected to have been killed last Friday in Wa has been found.

He was found buried in a shallow grave on the outskirts of Wa on Sunday by a local search team, who informed the police.

“We got to a point and identified some items that we suspected to be human parts. We moved on to an uncompleted building, and we also found some strange materials there too,” a member of the search team said.

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The search team then alerted the police of the discovery.

“They [the police] came, and it was a very narrow grave that they buried one of the night security men we’ve been looking for.”

The situation has sent shivers down the spines of residents in Wa, although calm has been restored.

Residents last Friday staged a protest over the serial killing of the private security guards that has claimed 10 lives.

The police administration has deployed a team of special purpose investigators to Wa the Upper West regional capital.

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