BREAKING NEWS: Nigeria On Fire


Nigeria recently ended the general elections and the INEC declared Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu as the President-elect.

This outcome of the INEC has raised a lot of controversial conversations in Nigeria both in the mainstream media and the online space.

Many citizens are of the view that the INEC manipulates the figures for Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu to become the President of Nigeria.

Peter Obi, the contender in the Presidential race has expressed vexation about the election results and has filed a plea with the court — challenging the electoral process and the presidential results.

The European Union in alliance with the National Democratic Institute and International Republican Institute have asked the Nigerian INEC chairman Prof. Yakubu to step down and disqualification of Tinubu as the President for appalling electoral misconduct, gross disenfranchisement, faulty implementation of the amended electoral act, vote manipulation and bribery of electoral officials.

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Press Statement signed:

By: Eric Mamer, Department Spokesperson.

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