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Asamoah Gyan faces GH1 million judgment debt over malicious prosecution of journalist



An Accra High Court has set Friday, November 17, 2023, to pass judgment on a suit filed by multi-award-winning screenwriter and entertainment journalist, Osarfo Anthony, against former Back Stars captain, Asamoah Gyan, and his manager, Samuel Anim Addo.

The journalist (Plaintiff) sued Gyan (1st Defendant) and his manager (2nd Defendant) jointly and severally for malicious prosecution — praying the court to award a cost of GH? one million as general damages, legal fees, and any other costs the court deems right against the Defendants.


In June 2015, Daily Guide newspaper exclusively broke a story, which claimed that one Sarah Kwabla is pressing rape and sodomy allegations against the famed, former Black Stars captain, Asamoah Gyan, now a retired footballer.

The story, which gained wild national attention, was published by the newspaper without the victim’s (Sarah Kwabla) side of the story. Sarah contacted Osarfo with graphic photos of her bloody butt and thighs, WhatsApp chats with Asamoah Gyan, and Gyan’s voice note — in which he can be heard — appealing to the girl not to show any evidence to the public.

Osarfo got in touch with Gyan’s lawyer for Gyan’s side of the story. The lawyer flatly denied Sarah’s allegations. He maintained that Gyan had consensual sex with Sarah. Having had a balanced story, the blog Osarfo worked for,, published a series of stories on rape and sodomy allegations.

One of the handlers in Gyan’s camp named Nii Armah Amarteifio, acting on the instructions of Gyan’s manager, contacted the editor/publisher. Nii pleaded for the stories to be pulled down, and further publications discontinued. The said Nii also assured the publisher that Gyan is prepared to offer financial tokens to register his appreciation.

On the blind side of Osarfo and his media house, the Gyans had reported them to the police – accusing them of attempting to extort money from Baby Jet. Upon receiving the funds on behalf of the publisher, Osarfo was rounded up by the police.


In the criminal trial titled The Republic vs. Osarfo Anthony and 3 others, suit number: D2/60/16, Circuit Court 9, Accra, Osarfo was prosecuted for conspiracy to extort and extort money from Asamoah Gyan. Osarfo’s defense counsel was popular lawyer Maurice Ampaw, and lawyer Lamtiig Apanga for the publisher.


After almost four years (2015-2019) of prosecution, Osarfo was acquitted and discharged on March 20, 2019. According to the ruling of the Circuit Court judge, Her Honor, Afi Agbanu Kudomor (now a High Court judge):

“As soon as the complainant reported the conduct of the appellant to the police and a trap was set for him, there was no threat operating on the mind of the complainant which induced him to pay the money.”

Therefore, “1st Applicant cannot be criminally held liable for conspiring with anyone to extort and indeed extorting money from the complainant. Counsel for the accused’s submission of no case to answer on behalf of his clients is upheld. All the Applicants are accordingly acquitted and discharged”


Osarfo sued Gyan and his manager for malicious prosecution. Osarfo (Plaintiff) avers that:

— The 1st and 2nd Defendants, to save and preserve their career and reputation, decided to make false allegations against the Plaintiff, and pressed upon the prosecution to prosecute the Plaintiff for an offense that they knew the Plaintiff did not commit.

— With malice, the Defendants withheld information from the prosecutors which would have ended the prosecution of the Plaintiff and exonerated him but they intentionally failed to do so.

— The 2nd Defendant intentionally bore false witness against Plaintiff with impunity when at all material times, he knew the testimony and the evidence he was leading were false and without foundation.


The judge for the case, His Lordship Justice, Dr. Ernest Owusu-Dapaa (Justice of the Court of Appeal) sitting with additional responsibility at the High Court, will be passing his ruling at 10:00 AM in Financial Court 1, High Court, second floor.

Osarfo is represented by Yaw Dankwah, Esq. of Dankwah and Associates (Divine Chambers), while veteran, legal luminary, Alexander Abredu Somuah-Asamoah, Esq. (Appiade Chambers) reps Gyan and his manager. The suit number of the case is GJ/1350/2020.

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MTN Ghana Introduces New Tariffs Effective November 28, 2023







On November 28, 2023, MTN Ghana implemented new tariffs, marking a significant change in the cost structure for their services. This move has captured the attention of consumers, prompting them to evaluate how these adjustments will impact their communication expenses.


The telecommunications industry is dynamic, with companies frequently reassessing their pricing strategies to align with market demands, technological advancements, and regulatory changes. MTN Ghana, as a major player in this sector, regularly updates its tariffs to maintain competitiveness and provide sustainable services.


One of the notable changes in the new tariffs is the adjustments to call rates. Customers can anticipate shifts in the cost per minute for both on-net and off-net calls. This modification is likely to impact the communication habits of subscribers, influencing the choice between making calls within the MTN network or to other networks.


Additionally, data tariffs have seen revisions, reflecting the growing importance of mobile data in our digital age. As individuals increasingly rely on smartphones for various activities, including work, entertainment, and social interactions, understanding the adjustments to data tariffs is crucial. MTN Ghana aims to strike a balance between affordability and quality service, ensuring that users can access the internet without compromising on speed and reliability.


Moreover, the new tariffs might include changes to SMS charges. With the prevalence of instant messaging apps, traditional SMS usage has declined. However, for certain services and communication scenarios, text messages remain relevant. Subscribers should be aware of any modifications in SMS rates to manage their messaging expenses effectively.


It’s essential for MTN Ghana customers to stay informed about these tariff adjustments to make informed decisions based on their communication needs and budget. The company typically communicates such changes through various channels, including SMS notifications, social media updates, and announcements on their official website.


This tariff adjustment by MTN Ghana may be a response to various factors, such as inflation, infrastructure investments, or changes in regulatory requirements. Understanding the reasons behind these adjustments can provide customers with a broader perspective on the evolving telecommunications landscape.


The new tariffs implemented by MTN Ghana on November 28, 2023, underscore the dynamic nature of the telecommunications industry. Customers are encouraged to review the changes, assess their communication patterns, and make informed choices to ensure their mobile usage remains both convenient and cost-effective in this ever-evolving digital age.


The changes in MTN Ghana’s tariffs are expected to influence consumer behavior in several ways. With adjustments to call rates, subscribers may reconsider their communication preferences, opting for on-net calls to leverage more cost-effective options. This shift could potentially strengthen MTN’s network usage as customers seek ways to optimize their spending. Similarly, alterations in data tariffs may prompt users to reevaluate their data consumption habits, potentially leading to increased reliance on Wi-Fi networks or more judicious use of mobile data. Understanding these shifts in consumer behavior is crucial for both MTN Ghana and its subscribers, as it enables the company to tailor its services to meet evolving needs.


The telecommunications industry is highly competitive, with various providers vying for market share. MTN Ghana’s tariff adjustments are likely influenced by the need to remain competitive in this dynamic environment. Analyzing how these changes position MTN in comparison to other players in the market provides valuable insights into the company’s strategic approach. Additionally, consumers may compare the new tariffs with those of competitors, exploring potential benefits or drawbacks that could influence their decision to stay with MTN or consider alternative service providers.


Effective communication and transparency play a pivotal role in managing customer expectations during tariff adjustments. MTN Ghana must ensure that its subscribers are well-informed about the changes, providing clear explanations for the reasons behind the adjustments. Transparent communication fosters trust and helps mitigate any potential backlash from customers who may be resistant to changes in pricing. Additionally, proactive communication can guide users on how to navigate the new tariff structure, empowering them to make informed choices that align with their communication needs and budget constraints.


Telecommunications companies operate within a regulatory framework that can impact their pricing strategies. Changes in tariffs may be influenced by regulatory requirements, and understanding this aspect is essential for both the company and its users. MTN Ghana’s compliance with regulations ensures a stable and legal operating environment. Subscribers should be aware of any regulatory factors that contribute to these tariff adjustments, as this knowledge can provide context for the changes and help users appreciate the broader industry dynamics shaping their mobile communication experiences.




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Let’s live harmoniously to safeguard Ghana’s peace – Peace Council on recent clashes




The National Peace Council (NPC) has called on Ghanaians to live harmoniously with each other to safeguard the country’s peace.

It has urged Ghanaians to protect “the peace and security of the country by creating and using avenues of tolerance, cooperation, and coexistence to sustain the country’s identity as an oasis of peace in Africa.”

This follows the unfortunate violent clashes in some parts of the country which have resulted in the deaths of some citizens.

Reports from Kintampo in the Bono East Region, Nkwanta in the Oti Region, and Wenchiki in the Northeast Region indicate that violence has led to the destruction of lives and property in these affected communities.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the NPC reminded Ghanaians “of paragraphs (c), (d) and (i) of
article 41 of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana which states thus:  The exercise and enjoyment of rights and freedoms is inseparable from the performance of duties and obligations, and accordingly, it shall be the duty of every citizen.”

“To foster national unity and live in harmony with others;  to respect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of others, and generally to refrain from doing acts detrimental to the welfare of other persons. To co-operate with lawful agencies in the maintenance of law and order.”

Read the full statement from the NPC here

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Defence and National Security Ministers to appear before parliament today over Kintampo clash




The Ministers of Defence and National Security are expected to appear before the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament on Thursday, November 23, to provide a briefing on actions being taken by the government to forestall a clash between the Mo and Wangara tribes in the Kintampo North municipality.

This comes on the back of a summons by the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin.

According to the Member of Parliament for the area, Joseph Kwame Kumah, tensions were high when the Mo tribe requested to perform rituals within the months of November and December, coinciding with the annual Klubi festival of the Wangara community.

In response to calls for a ceasefire by the MP, the Speaker directed that the government must take immediate steps to ensure peaceful coexistence.

“As the first authorities to come to this house to brief the committee on Defense and Interior, this is an urgent matter that should be handled with dispatch. I think Thursday should be okay for the two ministers and their commanders to appear before the committee early tomorrow morning by 9 am to brief the committee. It is an urgent matter.”

“The National Security Council through their regional office should immediately intervene because the chieftaincy institution is one of the cornerstones of the peace and security of our country, and we hold that institution dearly. We will do everything to prevent that institution from falling into disarray,” he stated.

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