Arrest Chief of Staff, Ken Agyapong For GHC 120k Bribery Saga -General Mosquito



General Secretary of opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Asiedu Nketia, aka “General Mosquito” wants the arrest of President Akufo Addo’s Chief of Staff, Akosua Frema Opare and the Assin Central MP, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong for GHC 120,000 bribery.

In a shocking confession, Kennedy Agyapong confessed on live radio that the Chief of Staff, bribed the runaway Dome Kwabenya MP, Sarah Adwoa Sarfo with GHC 120,000, to entice her back to Parliament.

According to Ken Agyapong who sang like a canary bird, he was the conduit for the bribery and he went to deposit the amount in the Fidelity Bank account of the runaway Adwoa Sarfo.

Ken Agyapong was speaking on Asaase Radio, a radio station owned by President Akufo Addo’s notorious cousin, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko.

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It is this admission that has prompted the NDC General Secretary to challenge the Police administration to launch a criminal investigation into the revealed money-siphoning at the Jubilee House for bribing dissenters.

“If we were a nation of accountability and were fighting against corruption, such an incident would have prompted anti-corruption institutions to arrest Kennedy Agyapong and the Chief of Staff for an investigation to be launched into the bribery incident,” General Mosquito charged.

But since Ken Agyapong made that damning confession earlier this week, not a single police invitation had been extended to him and the Chief of Staff for the self-confessed criminality.

“Chief of Staff called me, I went there, said now this is what she is saying; I swear my mother’s grave. Chief of Staff gave me 120,000, I deposited in Adwoa Sarfo’s Fidelity Bank Account,” Ken Agyapong said as he spilt the beans on long-held allegations of corruption at the Jubilee House.

“I put the money there in her Fidelity account, ask her PA if what I’m saying is not the truth,” a vintage Ken Agyapong baulked on Asaase Radio.

This allegation is one of many dogging the Chief of Staff’s office which is notorious for its alleged dubious dealings in auction vehicles.

The Assin Central MP who has two children with Adwoa Sarfo has recently been warning that Adwoa Sarfo’s Dome Kwabenya seat will be declared vacant over her protracted absenteeism.

The Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection has stayed away from Parliament since the beginning of the year.

However, while absent from Parliament she has been posting leisure videos on video-sharing social media site, TikTok, something that has infuriated Ken Agyapong.

Even though her absence has not been officially explained, Ken Agyapong has been revealing that Adwoa Sarfo became petulant after she was removed from the position of Deputy Majority Leader and replaced with the loose-talking Effutu MP, Alexander Afenyo Markins.

Adwoa Sarfo’s absence has been deeply biting the NPP in Ghana’s hung Parliament, with the ruling party needing every single MP to help pass the e-levy.

Consequently, the Dome Kwabenya MP has been using this bargaining chip to hold to ransom, the desperate Akufo-Addo government which risks an economic collapse if the e-levy is not passed.

According to ken Agyapong, Adwoa Sarfo’s behaviour has forced the NPP into opposition even though it is the ruling party. “Now we are in opposition, the way Adwoa is treating the party is clearly showing that we are in opposition and this shouldn’t be tolerated at all,” an angry Agyapong fired.



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