Archipalago bans Pappy Kojo from stepping foot in Kumasi as they engage in social media ‘beef’



What started as a mere exchange of words degenerated into a heated outburst of emotions as Pappy Kojo and Archipalago engaged in a social media brawl.

The genesis of the beef was when Pappy Kojo shared his new song “Koobi” which was trashed by Archipalago.

Pappy Kojo intimated that he would not allow Archipalago to disrespect the Asaaka Boys and go scot-free; he would need to fight him too.

Achipalago came back to threaten Pappy Kojo…he said he would beat him up should the two meet. He also added that the fact that Pappy rolls with Yvonne Nelson did not make him a big boy.

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Pappy Kojo the day I see day you dey roll with Yvonne that be the time na I wan catch you and beat you! I mean you already, make you no bring yoursel,” he wrote.

Pappy Kojo replied with a mischievous video that had a rebuttal from Archipelago who claimed he got the chance to hug Yvonne Nelson and that was a win for him…

Fast forward, Archipalago’s boy in Kumasi has warned Pappy Kojo to stay off their boss or face his wrath. In a video, he vowed to deal with Pappy with the explanation that he had bitten more than he could chew.

Archipalago shared the video with the message that Pappy Kojo had been banned from stepping foot in Kumasi.

I declare Kumasi a no fly zone for #PappyKojo for trying to disrespect King Palago Mufasa.. he thought it was a play thing but me I’m not for the trends like he does. when you step on my toes you gotta pay for it!

An accent competition erupted with the two trying to outdo each other…check out the videos below…

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