Aisha Huang is an agent sent to destroy cocoa-producing countries – Oduro Takyi



Former member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Bernard Oduro Takyi, has alleged that Chinese illegal mining (‘galamsey’) kingpin, Aisha Huang is an economic warfare agent of China sent to destroy the cocoas farms of not alone Ghana but also all other cocoa-producing countries.

According to him, China which recently exported its first shipment of cocoa to Belgium wants to become the number cocoa producer in the world and it is doing all it can to deplete the cocoa production of other countries.

In an interview on GBC monitored by GhanaWeb, Oduro Takyi added that it’s not surprising that the menace of ‘galamsey’ is thriving in only cocoa-producing areas of the country.

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“Aisha Huang’s issue goes beyond ‘galamsey’ … Aisha Huang is on economic warfare against cocoa producing countries, not only Ghana.

“China is currently in commercial production of cocoa; they call it the Cocoa Project of China. Interestingly the 40 agronomists leading that project are Ghanaians. The leading anthropologist is also a Ghanaian making them 41.

“China, today, has exported their first cocoa to Belgium in commercial quantities, as to the tonnage they never announced it,” he said.

He added that while China has started exporting cocoa, Ghana’s cocoa export is projected to reduce and will keep reducing if ‘galamsey’ continues.

“According to a Bloomberg report that was released last week Thursday, the 2022 cocoa season metric tonnage of Ghana is projected to decline by 32.6 percent,” he noted.

He reiterated that China’s interest is not in Ghana’s gold but in reducing the cocoa production of the country and other African countries so that it will become the number producer of cocoa in the world.

Watch the interview in the video below:

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