Aggrieved Group To Embark On Demonstration If Government Tempers With Salaries



of his information and know-how valid the information is….We will take action prior to that time. We are not going to sit down at all like our Union Leaders are saying,” he said.

He added that the Coalition “Very soon you will hear about our demonstration schedules.”

This is in connection to the comment Speaker Alban Bagbin passed on Thursday, February 24 in Parliament that government may not be able to pay salaries in the next three months if critical steps are not taken.

“This is not to discourage the committee from doing their work. If something is not done within the next three months, the government may not be able even to pay salaries,” the Speaker said.

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This notwithstanding, it is unclear what constituted this forecast as the Speaker fell short of giving further details.

In an interview with The Pulse on Joy News, Mr Abdul-Salam explained that Article 71 and the government are well paid in the country, so denying public sector workers their remuneration is not the best.

“The Article 71 holders, they are the ones taking huge sums of money, and their fuel allowance alone is our annual salary. So why can’t they threaten themselves? They should threaten the MP that they won’t fuel their car to Parliament if they fail to pass the e-levy,” he said.

He noted that if the salaries of Article 71 holders and budgetary allocation to the Presidency are cut, these conversations will not be raised.

“They should cut down the almost $488 million allocated to the Presidency alone and budgetary allocation to the president,” he observed.

He noted that it is unfortunate for the public workers to be threatened with their salaries.

15.07 Meanwhile, the Executive Secretary of CLOGSAG, Isaac Bampoe-Addo, doubted the authenticity of the Speaker’s message and asked for the Speaker to provide the source of his information.

He, therefore, stated that he has no comment on the issue.

“If it’s the Finance Minister or Employment Minister who is speaking yes, the Speaker of Parliament at least let’s know the source of your information,” he said.

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