Agents of economic mess can’t solve them; reshuffle – Kofi Bentil to Akufo-Addo



Senior Vice President of policy think tank Imani Africa Kofi Bentil has opined that the economic problems of the country cannot be resolved by the very persons that caused them.

For him, the President must reshuffle his Ministers so that some new thinking could resolve the challenges of the economy.

Mr Bentil, who has been consistently vocal in his criticism of successive Governments, is of the view that the prevailing precarious economic conditions of the country have been brought about by those in charge of managing the economy, and such persons ought to be moved out and replaced.

“The thinking that created the problems is not the thinking that will solve it.
Reshuffle please!” Mr Bentil suggested.

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His call comes at a time of escalating fuel prices and a general hike in the cost of living with the Government unable to meet even key statutory payments such as the District Assemblies Common Fund.

The government’s ability to secure external funding to meet its revenue shortfall has also been hampered by a downgrade in creditworthiness by two key rating agencies.

A bill for the new tax, the electronic transactions levy ( E-Levy), which is expected to shore up Government revenue is yet to be passed into law following huge public outcry and the rejection of the levy by Members of Parliament of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Parliament.

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