Adwoa Sarfo To Name Her Impersonator If NPP Sacks Her



Sarah Adwoa Sarfo, the renegade ruling party Parliamentarian for Dome Kwabenya who has abandoned her seat for jollification in the US, is reportedly giving off vibes that if the party goes through with its threat to sack her, she will expose her impersonator during the rogue vote of the Majority to overturn the rejection of the 2022 Budget Statement.

Sara Adwoa Sarfo is said to also be threatening that she will reveal the identity of her impersonator if she is sacked.

The threat comes amidst reports that president Akufo-Addo recently caused a crunch party meeting to be held over Adwoa Sarfo’s absenteeism, and also at a time that some party members are calling for her sack.

The collateral damage for the NPP in the event of such a revelation will be disastrous. This is because it would mean that the Majority side, which is already failing the government badly in respect of the passage of the Electronic Transfer Levy (e-levy) will need to now defend itself over criminal impersonation charges.

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It would be recalled that after a session of Parliament had unanimously rejected the 2022 budget, the Majority which had virtually boycotted that session had later held another session to illegally reverse the rejection.

Even at that rogue session, the NPP did not have the required numbers to overturn the rejection because Sara Adwoa Sarfo, who had last been seen in Parliament in December 2021, had been absent.

To make up for the numbers, the NPP is suspected to have paraded an impersonator, taking advantage of the need to wear COVID-19 masks, in parliament to vote in the place of Adwoa Sarfo.

Then immediately after the vote, the impersonator was escorted out.

Many who suspected foul play had taken photos and recorded video clips of the alleged impersonator, but the NPP had denied that the person was an impersonator, claiming it was Adwoa Sarfo.

However, in the last few days, Adwoa Sarfo’s refusal to return to Parliament has been fraying tempers, with Assin Central MP, Ken Agyapong, going off the handle in an Asaase Radio interview and revealing that, to entice Adwoa Sarfo back to Ghana from the US, the Chief of Staff had packaged a Ghc120,000 bribe to be lodged into her account, and that he, Ken Agyapong paid the bribe.

The revelations have since confirmed that Adwoa Sarfo who was last seen in Parliament in December 2021, has indeed not returned to Parliament since last year and therefore, whoever voted for her to overturn the rejection of the Budget was not Adwoa Sarfo.

Whatsup News has since been hearing from insiders that the lady in question is a cousin of Adwoa Sarfo and that she had been brought in to vote on behalf of the MP in a desperate last-minute arrangement after an earlier arrangement to expressly fly Adwoa Sarfo down from the US had failed.

According to information, in the lead-up to the vote over the budget, Chief of Staff, Frema Osei Opare had arranged for Adwoa Sarfo to fly down by a rented private jet from the US.

However, by the time of the voting, the Dome-Kwabenya MP had not arrived and so the party was constrained to resort to the impersonation.

It is alleged that Adwoa Sarfo had arrived in the country the day after the vote and because the government wanted to make sure that the criminal arrangement in parliament was not known, the Dome Kwabenya MP was shoved into a vehicle and chaperoned to Parliament to put up an appearance.

Meanwhile, National Security is said to have found out that Adwoa Sarfo’s behavior has made the NPP so unpopular in the constituency that if an election were to be held, the NPP would lose the seat, which has traditionally been won by the NPP.



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