Adib Saani cautions against creating anti-foreigner sentiments over Wa insecurity, suspected ritual murders



Security analyst, Adib Saani has cautioned authorities and stakeholders to be more cautious in how they manage and communicate the security situation in Wa Municipality in order not to create anti-foreigner sentiments in their bid to solve the problem.

He believes there is a direct correlation between what is going on in Wa and the economic situation in the whole country and especially that part of the country and if care is not taken it could be a recipe for disaster.

“You should expect more and it has serious implications on security in the entire region” he added. Because the next minute anyone is suspected to be a killer, whether confirmed or not, the likelihood that he would be lynched is quite high” he predicted.

The Upper West Regional Coordinating Council in a press release on September 15, 2022, outlined some measures to manage and curb the situation in Wa.

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However, Mr. Saani has emphasized the need to be more careful not to create more problems in our bid to solve a problem. The fact that tricycles shouldn’t be used at certain times of the night would affect the livelihood of people which could escalate into a situation we may not be able to control.

The security analyst also mentioned in an interview with Alfred Ocansey on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show that the northern part of the country is already challenged with low socio-economic development, especially post-harvest losses as a result of low access to market due to poor road network.

He explained that the situation is complicated and fragile hence if not well managed, it would give room for people to be attacked or lynched. Considering the fact that the Upper West region is close to Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast where terrorists are already causing problems and the ongoing mining activities over there by non-Ghanaians, the situation has thus become multidimensional and requires a cogent plan which seems missing.

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