A woman without vision gives birth to Children without Fathers – Diamond Appiah mercilessly attacks Tracey Boakye



Is Diamond Appiah really friends with Tracey Boakye or she’s an enemy in disguise?

The self acclaimed billionaire Diamond Appiah has dropped a big bomb on her friend Tracey Boakye in a recent post.

According to Diamond Appiah only a woman without vision like Tracey Boakye gives birth to children without fathers or surname.

In the entertainment space, Tracey is one of the few women who hides the identity of her kid’s father.

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As it stands, the actress has refused to mention the father of her daughter, Nhyira.

Rumour has it that Nhyira’s father is a rich married man and only She and perhaps Diamond Appiah know his true identity.

In a fresh Instagram post, Diamond Appiah described such women as baby making machines with zero vision in their lives.

She warned men to be careful when they meet such women and think twice when considering to choose them as mothers of their children.

Diamond Appiah then went on to shade that a woman without vision gives birth to children without fathers or surnames.

Many are saying her comment was a direct shot at Tracey Boakye because her daughter doesn’t have a surname.

The actress has given her surname to her daughter and has refused to reveal her father.

Check out the post below.


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