VIDEO of lady blocking groom from dancing with bride

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Netizens have criticized a lady in a viral video who was seen provocatively dancing with a groom and refusing to allow him to dance with the bride.

Even as the groom tried to force his way amidst shouts from the Emcee to allow only the newly wedded on the dance floor, the unbothered lady was focused on dancing with the man and shoving off others.

 The groom was seen whispering something into the ear of the bride who smiled as some other guests came to part with some money before the lady left the dance floor for her seat.

According to persons who are familiar with the customs and traditions of the north, the lady in question is not a side chic as being speculated.

It is a normal practice between the daughters of aunties and the groom.

Private legal practitioner Akbar Yussif Rohullah Khomeini who is shocked by persons including those who should be accustomed to this tradition wrote “ Ah! But you too dey the North and you dey write this? Don’t you know that’s what daughters of Aunties would do to the groom until they are paid to free themselves? And we, the men do that to our aunties’ daughters when they are getting married too?

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