Thunderstorms expected in some parts of Ghana tonight – GMet

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The Meteorological Agency (GMet) has announced that parts of Ghana should anticipate rainfall and isolated thunderstorms later today.

In its afternoon forecast update released at 11:00 GMT on Monday, May 27, GMet cautioned that “from late afternoon into the evening hours, localized thunderstorms or rain is also expected over few areas within the coastal, middle, transition, and northern sectors.”


GMet has identified these regions as having a moderate risk of thunderstorms and precipitation.

Meanwhile, most other areas of the country are projected to experience partly cloudy conditions with a minimal chance of rain.

The Central Analysis and Forecasting Office, the technical division of GMet responsible for issuing forecasts, stated, “Partly cloudy conditions will prevail across the country this afternoon.”

Daytime temperatures are forecast to peak at 36 degrees Celsius in the northern regions and 33 degrees Celsius in the coastal and forest zones.

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