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The quintessential and affable Flagbearer H.E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has showcased dexterity and flair with the quality of leadership he exudes as Vice President and Flagbearer of New Patriotic Party (NPP: Development in Freedom).


He has demonstrated an absolute commitment to the development and transformation of Ghana’s development with the requisite skills knowledge and values he possesses as a first-class Vice President and indefatigable Flagbearer of NPP.


Ghana as a country is ripping from the innovative and strategic thinking ideas and policies he contributed enormously towards the upliftment and development in the areas of Education, Health, Agriculture, Security, economy, digitization, etc.


Some of the innovative and transformational policies he championed as Vice President include the National Identity Card (Ghana Card), Digital Property Address system, Mobile money interoperability, E Pharmacy, Paperless Port system, Zipline Drone Technology, E-Ticketing at Football stadia, Universal QR payment system, No Guarantor For student Loans, Sino hydro Road Projects, Renewal of NHIS membership on mobile phone, Purchase of ECG credits on mobile phone etc.


Doubtless, the above-mentioned laudable initiatives embarked upon by Dr. Bawumia are incomparable as Vice President of Ghana which have significantly enhanced and reduced the struggles people used to go through before the introduction of these initiatives and forward-thinking policies.




As a vibrant youth group with members dotted across 18 Constituencies, we have belief and hope in Dr Mahamudu Bawumia to lead Ghana as the next President for the unique qualities he portrayed and represents the future of generations, especially with the energetic and vibrant youth of the country.


Indeed, Dr. Bawumia is an incredible asset to the party and the Nation at large and we must guard him jealously for the youth of the country to benefit from the strong character of great interpersonal relationships built on the mindset of possibilities, not impossibilities.


Therefore, as a youth group, we entreat Ghanaian youth to come out in their numbers to rally behind the competent, affable, and courageous Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to lead Ghana to another level full of hope and great transformation and prosperity for all.


At this juncture, the leadership of Northern NPP Concerned Youth Group urges all the vibrant youth both men and women to support and work tirelessly for Dr. Bawumia’s victory who has set unbreakable records as Vice President of the Republic of Ghana.

It’s possible!




By: Northern NPP Concerned Youth Group


Motto: (The Youth Interest Is Our Priority)

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