Meet the only teacher taking care of an entire school in Afram Plains

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Agnes Yeaboah, a trained teacher, has overcome challenges to work as the only teacher in a village school located in Afram Plains Hihadzi, situated in the Eastern Region.

Despite living apart from her husband to pursue her passion for teaching, Agnes remains committed to imparting knowledge to the local youth.

She educates single-handedly despite the lack of essential amenities such as electricity, clean water, and proper roads.

The school, which has eight classrooms, depends on her dedication to impart knowledge and guidance to about 140 to 150 students.

Agnes started her journey as the only teacher in Hihadzi more than three years ago after finishing her teacher training.

Recounting the daunting challenges she faces in an interview, she shared her daily routine with a visiting blogger, highlighting the task of dividing her time among the various classes and allocating a mere 30 minutes to each.

“I’m really suffering. I’m a trained teacher, and this is my first station. I’ve been here for three to four years. There are eight classrooms, and because the kids are a little obedient, I divide the time for them; 30 minutes each.

“They are about 140 to 150 pupils. The classrooms used to be mere huts, and we were being disturbed by snakes and scorpions, so we decided to build them ourselves with mud.

“There is no water here, no electricity, so I am pleading with the government to come to their aid. The children love education, but the avenue is not conducive.

‘Although I am alone, there are not enough teaching and learning materials to teach the children. So, I am pleading with all philanthropists and well-meaning Ghanaians to come to our aid. We need books, a classroom, shoes for the children, uniforms, and a lot of things,” she said.

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