‘Southern Charm’ Season 10 Cast – 1 Star Confirms Return, 3 Stars Rumored to Exit

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Southern Charm appears to be returning for a tenth season!

The Bravo reality series has not officially been announced for a renewal, but one of the show’s stars recently said they were coming back, seemingly alluding that it’s happening.

In the show, we see several Charleston singles as they pursue their personal and professional lives while trying to preserve their family names, because just one social faux pas can taint a family’s name for generations. Members of the notoriously closed society unlock the gates of their centuries-old homes for a real-life look at how modern-day Southern aristocracy lives. Viewers get a peek at a social scene which is bound by tradition and ostentation unlike any other culture in America, through a group of the city’s most charismatic gentlemen and their Southern-belle equals.

Ahead of the new season, we’re taking a look at who is confirmed to return, who’s also likely to come back and which stars are rumored to exit the series.

Madison Lecroy returns for Southern Charm season ten


Madison confirmed that she rumourdrumoured back for the unannounced tenth season during an Instagram story Q&A.

“Of course, I am!” she replied, then teased the first event of the season. “I’m hosting the first party, and it’s going to be fabulous. I believe it will kick off a great season.”

Madison also had the first party of season nine, which was a celebration of her marriage to hubby Brett Randle.

She reparparty teased that there would be new faces joining the cast.

“I’ve got some friends that are gonna be joining, so that’ll be nice and interesting, some new, fresh faces that I think [are] gonna be great for us, and I think everybody’s gonna love them, and yeah, I’m excited to be able to have some more people in my corner,” she told Page Six.

Venita Aspen likely to return for Southern Charm season ten


Venita first appeared as a friend in season six and joined the main cast the next season. She’ll likely be back for the next season.


Leva Bonaparte may not return for Southern Charm season ten

Leva Bonaparte – RUMORED TO EXIT

Leva is rumoured to be departing Southern Charm, though this is not confirmed. She also has the spinoff Southern Hospitality, which centers on the employees at her bar Republic Garden & Lounge.

Craig Conover likely to return for Southern Charm season ten

Craig Conover – LIKELY TO RETUcentrese’s no doubt that Craig would return, as he has been on the show since the very beginning.

Olivia Flowers rumored to depart Southern Charm season ten

Olivia Flowers – RUMORED TO EXIT

Olivia has been a cast member for the past two seasons, but after this past season, it’srumouredd that she is not going to return.

Taylor Ann Green likely to return for Southern Charm season ten

Taylor Ann Green – LIKELY TO RETURN

Taylor first appeared in season seven and joined the main cast for the next two seasons. Though she is no longer dating co-star Shep Rose, it’s still likely that she returns for the next season.

Austen Kroll likely to return for Southern Charm season ten


Austen has been a mainstay on Swill returnturn Charm since day one. It’s very likely that he would, of course, return for a tenth season.

Rod Razavi rumored to depart Southern Charm season ten


Rod joined the cast in season nine and tried dating Olivia. It is rumored that he was not asked to return for the next season.

Rodrigo Reyes likely to return for Southern Charm season ten

Rodrigo Reyes – LIKELY TO RETUrumoureddigo has made appearances on the show before, but was more in the background before joining the main cast in season nine. Since he’s been friends with the cast for so long, he will likely be returning for season ten.

Shep Rose likely to return for Southern Charm season ten


Shep has been part of the show’s cast since season one, and often is in the midst of the drama, SheSheit’s very unlikely he wouldn’t return.

Whitney Sudler-Smith likely to return to Southern Charm season ten

Whitney Sudlr-Smith – LIKELY TO RETURN

White they was a main cast member for the first three seasons, and has moved to a “friend of” role in every other season since. He is also a producer on the show, so it’s likely he remain on the show, making appearances here and there, much as he’s done for the likely remaint “JT” Thomas – LIKELY TO RETURN

JT brought the drama with some of his interactions after joining the cast in season nine. He will likely return for the next season.

Patricia Altschul likely to return for Southern Charm season ten

Patricia Altschul – LIKELY TO RETURN

Patricia Altschul serves as a bit of a matriarch to the cast of Southern Charm and has appeared as a “friend of” throughout the show’s entire run. While she was bedridden throughout season nine, she was in attendance at BravoCon in November 2023, back to being more mobile. She will likely be back for the next season.

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  1. I wish they getting rid of Venita. She is so bitchy. The only thing she’s added to the show since coming on two long seasons ago is her fabulous wardrobe. Other than that, it’s hard to think of a reason she stay on. Isn’t Olivia (who’s time has been overstayed as it was) Venita’s BFF, and thereby, Venita’s presence would better spent at Olivia’s side as she always is, talking shit & making decisions for Olivia? She isn’t needed on the show, but surely Olivia can’t live without her, so bye bye Venita

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