Drunk driving, top speed, and loud music: Eyewitnesses’ report on Funny Face knocking down 5 pedestrians

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A blow-by-blow account of how Funny Face nearly killed five persons with his vehicle on the Kasoa-Kakraba stretch has been given by persons who witnessed the incident.

In a detailed report by UTV’s Central Regional Correspondent, monitored by GhanaWeb, some eyewitnesses identified that the tragic incident which occurred on Sunday, March 24, stemmed from drunk driving, and cruising at an abnormal speed, among others.

The eyewitnesses stressed that Funny Face is noted for such ‘bad driving habits’ each time he uses that particular stretch. However, luck wasn’t on his side this time around as he lost control, thereby resulting in the unfortunate incident.

UTV’s Central Regional Correspondent, Jacob Kobi narrated; “Some passengers stood by the road awaiting vehicles to convey them to their respective destinations when they spotted a car moving at an abnormal top speed from Kasoa headed to Kakraba. They were amazed with the level of speed exhibited by that particular vehicle and it compelled them to move a bit far from the roadside. Unfortunately, the car entered the crowd and some people were badly injured.

“A woman with a child at her back and her two kids were all knocked down by the vehicle. An ‘Okada’ (motorcycle) rider and his passenger were also hit. All five victims encountered severe injuries. An 8-year-old child, in particular, was badly affected. The child’s arms, legs, and head were all hurt. The motor rider was also severely affected, all of them suffered intense injuries.”

He reported further, “When the eyewitnesses drew closer to find out the person behind the steering wheel, it was none other than Funny Face. When they brought him out of the vehicle, he was drunk to stupor. They also said that Funny Face is fond of announcing his presence anytime he uses the Kasoa road, and just like he usually does, when he got to the roundabout, he rolled down his glasses and started blasting out loud music from his car and sped off towards Kakraba.”

Meanwhile, Funny Face is currently with the police assisting in investigations while the victims have been taken to the hospital for treatment.

The police, however, are yet to confirm details of the accident and casualties involved.




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