Razzmatazz won’t win us 2024 elections, vigilance will – Mahama warns NDC

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The main opposition National Democratic Congress can put in all the effort needed to win the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections but without vigilance, it will all be in vain, flagbearer John Mahama has warned.

The former president said the party and its supporters must pay full attention to happenings at the polling stations to avert any fraud.

Addressing NDC executives in the Greater Accra Region during his ‘Building Ghana Tour’ in Accra, Mr Mahama said: “One of the key things in this election is vigilance: we can do all the campaigning we want, but if we are not vigilant on the day, and we don’t cover every single polling station with eagle eyes”.

“You can do all the beautiful things you can: razzmatazz, and in the end, you don’t achieve the target you want”, he noted.

“So, Greater Accra Region, we want you to cover all the polling stations with the best party agents”, Mr Mahama charged.

He pointed out: “The election directory, you are aware, is conducting some exercises”, explaining: “They’ve been conducting exams for election directors in their constituencies and the regions because we need the best people who understand the electoral system to be able to monitor the elections in the region”.

“We should not be sentimental with these appointments and appoint the right people,” he advised.

Source: classfmonline.com

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