John Kumah and wife sold lands that didn’t belong to them – Computer Man

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Founder & Leader of Hope Generation Ministry International, Prophet Nana Akwesi Amponsah (Computer Man) has leveled allegations against the late deputy finance minister, John Kumah, and his wife, Mrs Lilian Kumah.

In a viral video, he purported that the duo make profits from lands that do not belong to them.

According to him, they forcely claim ownership of the lands without compensating the victims.

“If I don’t attend John Kumah’s funeral it will be because of his wife. The woman is disrespectful. She speaks forciblyto anyone. John Kumah and his wife bullied people over lands. They aggressively took ownership of people’s lands and sold them to others.

In July 2023, the Member of Parliament for Ejisu faced accusations of land grabbing when a viral vilandmerged.

The footage showcased an elderly woman accusing John Kumah of deceitfully acquiring her land, initially intended for a government project, but allegedly used for personal gain.

In the emotional video, the woman fervently demanded the return of her land, branding John Kumah a thief and expressing her determination to expose his actions.

Although John Kumah passed away on March 7, 2024, a video from July 2023 resurfaced, featuring the woman accusing him of land grabbing.

The footage captured her tearfully asserting that Kumah had deceived them by promising to use the land for a government initiative, only to exploit it later for his private business ventures.

Her cries for justice echoed as she pledged to publicly expose John Kumah’s alleged theft.

Another voice in the video supported her accusations, condemning Kumah for betraying their trust.

Following John Kumah’s sudden death, social media speculations emerged, suggesting a potential connection between his demise and the distress caused by the woman’s accusations.

While the circumstances surrounding the MP’s death remain unclear, the resurfaced video highlights the serious allegations leveled against him.

Additionally, Onua TV presenter Captain Smart alleged that John Kumah died from food poisoning, linking it to an event involving NPP’s Chairman Wontumi.

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