Illuminating the future – The Holy Child School’s solar project revolution

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In the heart of increased financial difficulties and lowering standards of education, stands a beacon of innovation and sustainability, thanks to the vision and generosity of a distinguished alumna of the Holy Child School – HOPSA 1999, RED ladies.

The Holy Child School, a revered institution known for its commitment to excellence and holistic education for girls in Ghana, has taken a giant leap into the future with the completion of a groundbreaking solar energy project. This initiative, costing about US$120,000.00, has not only underscored the school’s dedication to sustainable development but has also positioned it as a pioneering force in environmental stewardship within the educational sector.

A visionary project with tangible benefits

At the core of this transformative project is a state-of-the-art solar power installation boasting an overall capacity of 46.75KWp, complemented by a robust 75KWH BYD Lithium-Ion battery storage system. This cutting-edge technology ensures that the school is powered for up to 12 hours on full load, purely on stored solar energy, marking a significant milestone in its quest for energy independence.

The impact of this initiative is both profound and far-reaching. Remarkably, the school has witnessed a 70percent reduction in energy costs since the project’s completion in November 2023. This substantial savings translates into more resources for other activities that hitherto, had been neglected due to lack of finances.

This goes a long way to enhance the quality of education offered to the girls. But the ambition doesn’t stop here; the ultimate goal is for Holy Child School to become a net producer of energy, creating a sustainable cycle that not only benefits the school but also contributes to the community, through the net metering project being embarked upon by the Ministry of Energy in Ghana.

Aligning with global goals

What makes this project even more commendable is its alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly those focusing on affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, and quality education.

By harnessing solar power, the school is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also promoting environmental awareness and responsibility among its students and the community and supporting girl empowerment. This initiative serves as a tangible demonstration of how local actions can contribute to global sustainability efforts.

A testament to altruistic vision of the HOPSA 1999 RED ladies

The realization of this solar project is a testament to the power of altruistic vision and what can be achieved when there is a common goal. The HOPSA (Holy Child Past Students Association- 1999) RED ladies behind this initiative have done this with a lot of passion, determination, and love for the school.

Mrs. Sheila Enyonam Akyea, President of the year group stated, “the 1999 RED ladies’ contribution goes beyond the financial investment; it is a legacy of environmental stewardship, innovation, and social responsibility that will inspire students for years to come”.

The road ahead

The commitment to impact the girls of Holy Child School extends far beyond the impressive 70percent energy cost savings already realized. The RED ladies plan to foster a culture of sustained mentorship through yearly events, ensuring that the benefits of this project enrich the lives of students not just environmentally and economically, but also academically and personally. This mentorship program is designed to empower the students with knowledge, skills, and the confidence to pursue their own dreams of making a difference in the world, inspired by the example set by their predecessors.

On this significant day of 8th March 2024, coinciding with International Women’s Day, the HOPSA 99 RED ladies, will host a lavish ceremony to officially unveil the solar project. This event will be a celebration of sustainable achievement and a pivotal moment to inspire and galvanize the next generation. The HOPSA 99 RED ladies, as the alumnae spearheading this initiative are known to be Remarkable Empowered and Determined and will leverage this momentum to ignite a flame of passion for sustainability, mentorship, and leadership among the students.

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