I use ‘kayamata’ – Snapchat queen who gifted her mom GH₵500K and 2 Range Rovers admits

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Dulcie Boateng, an avid Snapchat user often referred to as the ‘Queen of Snapchat,’ has openly acknowledged using ‘kayamata’ to enhance her sexual desires.

In her interview on The Delay Show, Dulcie, who is also known for advertising sex toys, said not only does she sell these objects but she also endorses and uses them.

“I advertise for brands that sell sex toys. I do [endorse them on my platform]. When I’m paid [to sell sex toys], I do,” she said.

Responding in the affirmative to whether or not she sells ‘kayamata’, the 26-year-old, without an equivocation, said, “Yes, I do.”

Her response to whether or not she endorses ‘kayamata’ came with an explanation, as she indicated that she might be taken out of context, considering the various types and usages of such products.

“I know this is going to get out of context,” she said after taking time to think about the question asked. “There is some part of kayamata that I’m okay with. Like the candies… It makes you wet [when you eat it]. It also makes you enjoy sex tremendously.”

About kayamata

They are herbs, potions, aphrodisiacs, or oil and they have just one purpose – to enhance sex or enhance love.

It is a combination of two Hausa words – ‘Kayan’ which means; property, or things, and ‘Mata’ which means women. Put together, the word literally means ‘women’s things’.

It appears to have existed for centuries and originated from Northern Nigeria. Originally, it was used by these women for sexual pleasure, and served as enhancers, or aphrodisiacs, especially for young brides. But in recent times, it has become a really huge trend for women all over the world.

Patrons of these products have diverse interests, to attract men for money, sex, marriage, etc. What some may not know is how the Kayan Mata (kayamata) is used by its clients.

I gifted my mom GH₵500k and 2 Range Rovers from the money I earned from my ‘Snapchat work’

In the same interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso, monitored by GhanaWeb, Dulcie said she made her fortunes from selling products on Snapchat. For being a brand influencer, whose primary platform is Snapchat, she built a four-bedroom house within a year with Snapchat money, she claims.

That was indeed one of the many things she has achieved for being who she is. According to her, in 2023, she gifted her mother GH₵500K as a birthday present. She has also bought her mother two Range Rovers.




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