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The leadership of the Northern NPP Concerned Youth group on behalf of the entire membership conveys the group’s 67th Independence Day celebration message to all Ghanaians, especially to the elephant fraternity across the nook and cranny of the Northern Region.
Today Wednesday, March 6 marks Ghana’s 67th Independence Day anniversary as a country blessed with abundant natural, and human resources to leverage for growth and development.
Indeed, our country has come a long way and we must be proud as Ghanaians for the unity and peaceful coexistence as a democratic nation with varied political ideologies and religious, Gender, and Ethnic backgrounds. Ghana is described in Africa as the beacon of peace for the promotion and deepening of our democratic values and principles.
We have every right as citizens to be happy and continue to hold in esteem our core values, freedom of speech, unity, and peaceful coexistence. We are blessed as a country irrespective of the challenges and progress made so far as a nation.
As a vibrant youth group, our core mandate is to continue to trumpet our agenda of prioritizing the needs of the youth primarily from the New Patriotic Party, NPP. We also commit to ensuring peace and unity as we are in an election year.
We respectively implore our leaders to continue to prioritize and champion innovative and strategic thinking ideas toward economic independence to serve as the ladder for Ghanaians particularly the youth to realize their goals as committed and hard-working citizens.
Finally, Ghana our motherland has come a long way and it’s incumbent on us all to reflect and ponder over what we are doing right, our challenges and to ensure fruitful and prosperous years ahead.
Long live Ghana and make our Nation great and strong!
Long live the Northern NPP Concerned Youth group!
The leadership of Northern NPP Concerned Youth group.
Contacts: 0542184296 / 0249197068

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