Ghana has no freedom until the anti-LGBTQ+ bill is cancelled- Sister Derby on Independence Day

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On Ghana’s Independence Day, singer and activist Sister Deborah, took a bold stance on social media advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ community in the country.

In a passionate post on X, the artist underscored that true freedom for all Ghanaians is unattainable unless the queer community is granted the same liberties.

Sister Deborah’s advocacy extended to challenging the country’s motto of “Freedom and Justice,” urging for the removal of the notion of ‘freedom’ to be all-encompassing.

She emphasised the need for inclusivity and equality for every individual, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Deploying hashtags such as #QueerGhanaianLivesMatter and #KillTheBill, Sister Deborah voiced her strong opposition to the controversial anti-LGBTQ Bill recently passed by Ghana’s Parliament.

The proposed legislation, currently awaiting presidential assent, seeks to criminalize LGBTQ activities and impose sanctions on those involved in promoting, advocating, or funding such activities.

Sister Deborah’s vocal support for the LGBTQ community adds a prominent voice to the ongoing debate surrounding the bill, sparking conversations about the importance of embracing diversity and ensuring equal rights for all citizens in the West African nation.

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