‘Why are you afraid?’ – Halifax clashes with MzGee over Hajia4Reall and Kenpong’s dating saga

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The host of United Showbiz, MzGee, clashed with one of her panelists, Halifax Ansah-Addo, over an issue about embattled socialite Mona Faiz, well known as Hajia4Reall’s past relationship with some prominent personalities.

During the discussion, Halifax said that he would like to hear the opinion of contractor and businessman Kennedy Agyepong, well known as Kenpon because it was known that he brought Hajia4Reall from the US.


He said that it was no secret that Hajia4Reall and Kenpong were in a relationship some time ago; hence, his silence on the socialite’s fraud charges is surprising.

MzGee, who was uncomfortable with Halifax’s claims, interjected and asked Halifax to refrain from making such claims because she was not privy to such information.

Below is what ensued between MzGee and Halifax on the show monitored by GhanaWeb:

Halifax: Regarding the Hajia4Reall issue [fraud charges], I would like to hear from Kenpong. He was the one who brought her from the US and started dating her.

MzGee: Please, this conversation; we can’t have it here. With all due respect, I don’t have that information and I haven’t seen it yet.

Halifax: It is a public record; which one are you afraid of? You can use Google to find out. Hajia4Reall and Kenpong were dating. If you don’t have the muscles for it today, we can shelve it, but it is known everywhere. I’m surprised you are running away from it.

MzGee: As you said, I don’t have the muscles for it, so let’s end it here.

What sentenceMontagee facesMontagee pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to receive stolen money. She faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

She also agreed to pay forfeiture of $2,164,758.41 and make restitution in the same amount.

She is set to be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Paul A. Crotty at a yet-to-be-determined date, it remains to be seen if she will be given the maximum five-year sentence.

What the Attorney for the Southern District of New York said:

Attorney Damian Williams said of the guilty plea: “Mona Faiz Montrage knowingly received money stolen from older Americans through romance scams, was arrested abroa,d and now faces serious consequences for her actions.

“Romance scams such as Montrage’s harmed her vulnerable, elderly victims not only in the cruel betrayal of trust in therealizationn that their online romantic connection was fiction but by also callously stealing their money.

“This office and our law enforcement partners are relentless in bringing fraudsters who target Americans to justice, no matter where they are,” he stressed.

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