Survival first! – Franklin Cudjoe backs rejection of anti-gay bill by Finance Ministry

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Founding President of the Imani Centre for Policy and Education( Imani Africa), Franklin Cudjoe, has argued that the advice given by the Ministry of Finance to President Akufo-Addo not to sign the anti-gay bill into law is valid given the losses in financial support that could bedevil the country.

In a statement supporting the move of the Ministry of Finance to dissuade President Akufo-Addo from asserting the anti-gay bill into law, Mr. Cudjoe argued that as a “broke” country, Ghana cannot afford to lose over three billion dollars in budgetary support.

He added that he cannot support the imprisoning of persons of the LGBTQ+ for merely being who they are, especially if they do not seek to convert others.

“The Ministry of Finance has a point. We should tread cautiously with the anti-gay bill. Survival first as we are broke! We can’t afford to lose $3.5bn now! I too do not like people being imprisoned for who they are as long as they do not seek to convert others. Let us pray for those our sinful souls consider sinners,” Mr Cudjoe wrote.

The Ministry has warned that Ghana risks losing $3.8bn (£3bn) in World Bank funding over the next five to six years if the anti-gay bill passed by Parliament is assented into law by the President.

In 2024, Ghana, an already struggling economy, could lose some $850m (£670m) in external economic support if the President does not heed the Ministry’s advice.

The President has announced that he would only decide on the bill after a pending case before the Supreme Court is heard.

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