National Cathedral has to be completed – Tourism Minister-designate

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Ministerial nominee for Tourism, Andrew Egyapa Mercer, has underscored the significance of completing the National Cathedral project, highlighting its importance for the nation.

Speaking before the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Tuesday, March 5, the Sekondi Member of Parliament emphasized the considerable state investment already dedicated to the project, stressing the necessity of seeing it through to its conclusion.

Mr Mercer dismissed assertions branding it as the “world’s most expensive hole,” contending that such portrayals fail to recognize its broader national significance.

He emphasized the imperative of national unity in ensuring the project’s successful realization, cautioning against leaving it unfinished after significant state expenditure, which he deemed counterproductive.

Mr Mercer reiterated the importance of efficiently utilizing state resources for the Cathedral’s construction, underlining its potential to positively contribute to the country’s development agenda.

“While we may not have unlimited resources, substantial funding has been allocated to the project, and I believe it is imperative for its completion. The notion that it is the world’s most expensive hole is not acceptable. It stands as a national asset in its current state and must be finalized, in my opinion.”


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