Most people watch p*rn on their phones while in Church – Kumchacha

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Founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Kumchacha, has expressed worry over the usage of phones in church.

He is of the view that, with the current rise in pornography use, it has become worrying for congregants to use their phones in church.

Kumchacha, who was speaking on Accra-based OKAY FM, said, “Now people don’t come to church with bibles. All they come along with is their phones. You’ll be shocked to note that while you ask for quotations, people will be watching pornography on their phones.”.

Kumchacha who was discussing the changes in the way of worship in churches, acknowledged that the world has moved on and has advanced in several things so things cannot continue to be done like it was in the past.

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