LGBTQ+ bill would’ve been rejected if MPs voted secretly – Afenyo-Markin

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The Majority leader in Parliament Afenyo-Markin has stated the majority of Members of Parliament would have rejected the LGBTQ+ bill if it was put into secret voting.

Speaking on the State of Affairs on GHOne TV with Francis Abban, the lawmaker disclosed that most Members of Parliament were not in favor of the punishment attached to the bill.

According to him, most lawmakers were waiting for the Speaker to rule in his favor for a secret vote.

When I raised the issue of a secret ballot it was actually a call from a lot of colleagues. Because normally a consideration we use voice vote. So they wanted should Mr. The Speaker ruled in my favor for a secret ballot then they will come in a slot in their ballot,” Mr. Afenyo-Markin stated.

He explained that punishment was a major issue, “asking somebody to go to jail because of this.”

“I am not suggesting I am stating so as a statement of fact, it is not a suggestion I am telling you what it is. What’s the first rule of nature reservation, it was a risk I took and I have said that I really don’t mind because if a politician is always thinking about the next election and not looking at issues of conviction this is how I feel,” he stated.

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