I’ll fix deplorable Komenda roads whether an MP or not – Percyval Dennis

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New Patriotic Party(NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem(KEEA) Constituency, Mr. Percyval Dennis Quaicoe has vowed to fix the deplorable roads in Komenda as soon as possible whether he is made an MP or not.

“As the citizen and the Parliamentary Candidate of Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem constituency, roads are of much concern to me and the government. I’ll ensure that I work towards fixing the road whether as an MP or not” he disclosed.

Mr. Dennis Quaicoe made the promise to the media in response to a demonstration by a group calling itself Concerned Youth of Komenda over the deplorable state of roads at Komenda.

“Even though I am not against the demonstration, we should also be mindful that at the end of the day,  the betterment of Komenda is what we are all looking for” he observed.

He admitted the roads in the area were in bad shape and appealed to the youth to exercise some patience while stating that he would do everything possible to bring back the contractor on site.

The Parliamentary Candidate emphasized that “the government and everybody who thinks about the betterment of Komenda and its environs should appreciate the fact that indeed the road under Kufuor was quite motorable but rather unfortunate the road is in deplorable state”.

Mr. Dennis Quaicoe appealed to the government as a matter of urgency to see to the deplorable road of Komenda and construct a durable road for the people of the area.

“I will not blame any Politician for the deplorable state of Komenda road but what I will say is that the contractor who is on site will construct a befitting durable road that will take us to the next 30 years. That is the most important thing” Mr. Dennis Quaicoe stated.

He added, “If the contractor rushes and does any shoddy work we will come back and blame the government so the emphasis should not be the shoddy work but rather look durability of the road”.



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