I was a virgin during my early days in the movie industry – Edinam Atatsi

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Renowned actress, Edinam Atatsi revealed that she remained a virgin during her early days in the movie industry, citing her perceived innocence as a reason for industry players’ lack of interest in her sexually.

Edinam, who made her mark in the movie scene in the early 90s, disclosed that her stature and youthful appearance led many to view her as a small and naive up-and-coming actress.

She explained, “I have always been a virgin. It’s only in recent times that some of the old ones said they didn’t know that I was this mature, and they thought I was just a small up-and-coming girl. So, they didn’t touch me.”

The revelation came in response to a discussion about the impact of actors’ on-screen appearance on their interactions with others in the industry.

While Edinam shared her positive experience, fellow actress Akofa Edjeani recounted facing sexual harassment from a Nigerian director, prompting her to quit a role during one of his productions.

“It was a Nigerian director because I don’t think any Ghanaian director will dare look in my face and ask me that kind of stuff. It is what most of them do, so he thought he could try that on me, but I sized him up and put him in his proper place,” Akofa revealed.

She further shared another incident where she had to leave a set due to inappropriate advances.

The discussion shed light on the challenges faced by actresses in the industry, with Akofa emphasizing that her refusal to tolerate harassment earned her the label of a “bad girl” in some movie roles.

Actor and former Artistic Director at the National Theatre, Mawuli Semevo, also joined the conversation, providing insights into the art of filmmaking in the 90s as Prime Morning kicked off Ghana Month.



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