I quit a movie role due to sexual harassment – Akofa Edjeani

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Renowned Ghanaian actress Akofa Edjeani opened up about her experiences facing sexual harassment from a Nigerian director in the film industry, shedding light on the challenges faced by actors and actresses in the 90s.

Edjeani, who has graced the screens with her talent in various movies, revealed the disturbing encounters she had with a Nigerian director who attempted to sexually harass her multiple times.

The actress courageously shared her story, emphasizing that she stood up against the inappropriate advances, refusing to be a victim of such misconduct.

The actress firmly asserted, “It was a Nigerian director because I don’t think any Ghanaian director will dare look in my face and ask me that kind of stuff. It is what most of them do, so he thought he could try that on me, but I seized him up and put him in his proper place.”

Edjeani went on to describe how she managed to navigate the situation and stay on set during one production but had to quit another movie role before it even began due to the persistent harassment.

Edjeani further explained that her perceived roles as a “bad girl” in certain movies led some directors to believe they could take advantage of her.

However, the actress made it clear that she never allowed such advances and always stood her ground.

The actress’s revelations sparked a discussion on the Prime Morning show about the challenges faced by actors and actresses in the film industry, especially during the 90s.

Actor and former Artistic Director at the National Theatre, Mawuli Semevo, joined the conversation, sharing his insights on the art of filmmaking during that era.

The interview with Akofa Edjeani not only shed light on the darker aspects of the industry but also sparked a broader conversation about the need for a safer and more respectful working environment for actors and actresses in Ghana’s film industry.

As the nation celebrates Ghana Month, the discussion serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing and preventing instances of sexual harassment within the entertainment sector.



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