He Will Sell Yesu Mogya to You For Healing And Go To Hospital When Sick- Prophet Kofi Oduro Fires Adom Kyei Duah

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Controversial Ghanaian man of God, Prophet Kofi Oduro has launched a scathing attack on his colleague, Prophet Adom Kyei Duah, describing the latter’s “Yesu Mogya” as a business to enrich himself and not to help his congregants or Ghanaians at large.

During a sermon in his church, Prophet Kofi Oduro labeled Ghanaians who buy “Yesu Mogya” from Stephen Adom Kyei Duah as sick people.

The man of God seems not to understand why Ghanaians would decide to buy “Yesu Mogya” when in the real sense there is nothing of that sort.

According to him, if there was anything like “Yesu Mogya” it would not be in this generation nor would it be prophet Adom Kyei Duah who would be selling it.

The man of God claims there is no power in the “Yesu Mogya” so he who buys with the hope of getting healed or becoming financially stable buys it at their peril.

“Yesu Mogya, we put it in a bottle. Are you this sick? If we put Yesu Mogya in a bottle, you people will not come and meet it. Yesu Mogya, what a sick generation. You are sick”, the man of God fired.

“The day you will go you will not even tell anyone that you are going to die. This is a miracle sticker if your baby is sick rub it with a wet cloth, squeeze it, and give the water to your baby to drink, they will be healed. But when they are sick they go and meet their specialists. Why don’t they drink miracle water? or the miracle oil? Why don’t they chew gold, miracle gold? Why don’t drink Yesu Mogya?”, the man of God added.

Kofi Oduro did not spare the government of Ghana in his preaching, saying “And we are here as a government and we can do nothing about such deception and people are being exploited. This is unbelievable. Yesu Mogya, you did not get Yesu bones”.




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