Anti-lgbtqi bill: Ghana is a sovereign state, we’re opposed to cultural imperialism – Sam George tells US

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Ningo Prampram lawmaker, Samuel Nartey George, has told the United States of America that they have no power to meddle in the local affairs of Ghana.

He says the US must realize that Ghana is a sovereign state that should be respected by all other nations.

Sam George was responding to the warning issued by the US on Thursday, cautioning that it might limit foreign aid to Ghana if President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo signs a new bill criminalizing LGBTQ+ activities into law.

This was after Parliament on Wednesday approved legislation that could lead to prison sentences of up to three years for identifying as LGBTQ+ and five years for forming or supporting LGBTQ+ organizations.

US State Department spokesperson Matt Miller expressed concerns about the potential consequences of the bill, stating, “So we have made very clear what our opinion is on that law – you can look at my statement yesterday – and we have made that clear in private conversations with the Government of Ghana as well. I don’t think I should get any more specific than that, but if this bill becomes law, it would certainly have a chilling effect on foreign investment and tourism in Ghana”.

He added that the enactment of the bill could affect U.S. assistance to the country.

But speaking in an interview with Nigeria’s News Central, Sam George said “I expect Matt Miller to respect the tenets of democracy, the entire government of the United States of America should bear in mind that Ghana is a sovereign country, we are opposed to cultural imperialism.

“Just two weeks ago the United States Department, when called upon to intervene in the Israeli campaign in Gzaza said that it was not in the position of the US Department of State to intervene in the local matter of sovereign states, Ghana is not the 51st state of the US, Ghana is a sovereign state on its own.

“The sovereign parliament of Ghana has passed a bill and I think Matt Miller should be more interested in the loss of lives of American children in American schools to gun violence

“They are not inited into Ghana’s local politics where our parliament has passed a law.”




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