Three killed in Tontokrom clash with Asanko Mines security

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An uneasy calm grips Tontokrom in the Ashanti region following a clash that resulted in three fatalities between residents and security personnel guarding a mining concession owned by Asanko Mines.

The incident, which occurred on Saturday, March 2, reportedly saw a resident fatally shot during a confrontation with private security operatives.



Angered by the death, local youth retaliated, lynching two alleged attackers.

Eyewitnesses described the scene, recounting the presence of branded Asanko Mines vehicles accompanied by machete-wielding individuals. Initial provocations led to gunfire, resulting in one casualty, prompting the community’s response.

Tensions between Tontokrom residents and Asanko Gold Mines have simmered for years, stemming from disputes over land encroachment due to illegal mining activities driven by widespread unemployment. Allegations of excessive force by security personnel have exacerbated the situation.

In a bid to address grievances, residents staged a protest on Friday, March 1, calling for the establishment of a Community Mining Scheme.

However, the subsequent clash further escalated tensions.

The bodies of the deceased have been taken into police custody pending investigations, while the District Security Council has arranged a meeting with community leaders and Asanko Gold representatives to defuse the situation and chart a path towards resolution.


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