My life is being threatened – Lady in Erotic dance video with Omah Lay cries

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The Young Lady, who danced erotically with musician Omah Lay, has opened up about threats she received on social media.

According to her, this is her first time suffering from cyberbullying, which has had a major toll on her life.

To her, she reads the comments and they get deep into her head adding that she now lives in fear for her life.

“People are threatening me, and my family. They say they hope my family gets cancer and they all die. Someone said, I hope you get raped and killed, just stuff like that,” she said while sobbing.

Jess said she was shocked that, based on the demographics of the comments, women attacking her are in the majority.

Jess went viral when she danced erotically with Omah Lay during his United Kingdom show in February.

Social Media users who made comments on the video were of the view that agreeing to dance with Omah Lay was a total disrespect to her boyfriend who was at the event venue with her.

She has since apologized to her boyfriend, but social media users continue to drag her down for her utter disregard for her man.

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