I’ll make the Central Region Ghana’s financial hub – Alan

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Founder and leader of the Movement for Change, Alan Kyerematen, has unveiled ambitious plans to transform the Central Region into the nation’s financial hub.

He envisions a future where the region serves as the epicenter of economic activity, prosperity, and opportunity.

Central to this vision is the attraction of financial institutions, investment, and business activity to the region, fostering a thriving ecosystem that benefits all its residents.

Mr. Kyerematen emphasized the importance of collaboration, highlighting the need to work closely with government agencies, private sector partners, and educational institutions to create an environment conducive to financial growth.

He outlined plans to establish the necessary legal framework and provide incentives for companies to set up operations in the region, alongside investments in infrastructure to facilitate commerce and the development of a skilled workforce tailored to finance-related fields.

For the people of the Central Region, Mr Kyerematen’s vision promises more job opportunities and a brighter future for generations to come. Improved infrastructure, better access to services, and an elevated standard of living are among the anticipated benefits.

During his tour of the region, Mr Kyerematen expressed confidence in its potential to become a beacon of hope and opportunity.

Looking ahead, Mr. Kyerematen articulated his long-term vision for Ghana, emphasizing the importance of giving each region special attention to developing into unique socio-economic hubs.

He stressed that nurturing diverse regional economies promotes inter-regional trade, equitable wealth distribution, and efficient resource utilization.

Investing in infrastructure, industry, and human capital, he believes, will unlock the potential of each region, fostering sustainable growth and inclusivity nationwide.


Source: Classfmonline.com/Emmanuel Mensah

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