How Samira Bawumia ‘hailed’ Prophet Adom Kyei-Duah when she visited his church

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The Second Lady of Ghana, Samira Bawumia, has extolled the leader and founder of Believers Worship Centre, Prophet Stephen Adom Kyei-Duah, when she visited his church.

While addressing the congregation, Samira Bawumia praised Kyei-Duah, who she described as “someone who has extraordinary grace of God upon his life.”

She also lauded Kyei-Duah for his generosity towards the vulnerable and poor people in society, urging him to continue his good deeds.

In a video shared by Mari-Gyata on Instagram and sighted by GhanaWeb, Samira Bawumia said, “I believe God brought me here, and I’m grateful for this opportunity. I was touched by the word shared by our father (Adom Kyei-Duah). He is a special person. I know it’s not by coincidence that I came here, but it is for a good purpose.”

“We can all testify that he has extraordinary grace in his life. His generosity as a man of God is unprecedented. He has compassion for people and cares for the needy and poor in society, including those in prisons. We should all learn from his exemplary life,” she added.

Samira Bawumia conveyed a message from her husband, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, who is currently seeking the presidency of Ghana, to the preacher.

“My husband, Dr. Bawumia, extends his greetings to you and appreciates your prayers for him. We are praying that God will make him the leader of this country,” she stated.

Kyei-Duah has been criticised by some pastors in Ghana who believe some of his teachings and practices are not biblical.

Although Samira Bawumia did not specify the purpose of the visit, it is said that it could be part of the campaign strategy for Dr. Bawumia as the general elections approach.

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