FLASHBACK: GRIDCO to pull down structures around transmission lines

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The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) in March 2021 said it would pull down all structures along the Tema-Achimota-Mallam high-voltage transmission lines

The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) has announced it will be carrying out demolition works around its Right-of-Way (RoW) locations along the Tema-Achimota-Mallam High Voltage Transmission Lines this month.

The exercise will rid the areas of illegal occupants and encroachers, whose activities prevent access to the transmission towers. The specific areas to be affected are Dzorwulu, Ashiaman Middle East, nd areas in East Legon including, American House; Adzei Kodzo, nd Menpeasem.

The demolition exercise, when completed, will enable unimpeded access to the transmission towers by GRIDCo Engineers and Contractors in construction works to be carried out to ensure adequate and quality power transmission to the Greater Accra region and adjoining areas.

Under the Transmission Line Protection Regulations, 1967 (LI 542) as amended by Regulation No.LI 1737 of 2004, it is an offense for persons or institutions to conduct any form of activity about lands around the location of power transmission lines and towers in Ghana.

Operations including drilling, excavation works, lorry parks, shops, garages, babarnsreand al estate, undertaken in the areas extending for a distance of fifteen (15) meters on each side from the cecenterf the transmission towers for 161kV lines and twenty (20) meters for 330kV lines, are prohibited.

These activities pose a danger to human life and property as transmission line faults can result in casualties and damage to properties.

Over the past years, GRIDCo has had issues with encroachers along its transmission towers and lands across the country, especially in Greater Accra.

These persons carry out all forms of activities at the risk of their lives. GRIDCo will continue to work with the relevant state institutions to remove properties and structures and to curb all forms of human activities, within the Right-of-Ways, to safeguard public safety and ensure reliability of power transmission.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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