Family narrates how they lost their newborn due to ‘medical negligence’

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A family is grieving the loss of their newborn baby at the Bimbilla Hospital, alleging negligence by hospital staff during childbirth.

According to the family, the woman experienced severe bleeding upon arrival at the hospital, but medical personnel failed to assist her for almost 12 hours.

A distraught brother-in-law expressed their ordeal, stating: “What happened is that Thursday night, between the hours of 10 to 11 am, we realized that my younger brother’s wife, she’s in the person of Nafisa Mohammed, was seriously bleeding and we saw the need to bring her to Bimbilla Hospital.

“When we quickly rushed her to the hospital, they admitted her and confirmed that the pregnancy was 8 months and for that matter, there was a need to call on the medical superintendent to come and attend to her. They called the midwife but failed to come and even see her, let alone attend to her.

“After they prescribed drugs… the whole day, they did nothing to the pregnant woman who was seriously bleeding. We have lost the baby which was in the womb, she complained bitterly and nobody attended to her.”

Individuals assisting during labor also shared their concerns regarding the incident.

In response, the Matron of Bimbilla Hospital, whose name was not given, assured that management would investigate the allegations.

“When there’s a prenatal death, Ghana Health Service has a way of handling it to unravel the real cause of death, we normally do this through a prenatal audit,” she said.

This isn’t the first time such accusations have been made.

A similar event in 2023 led to protests by residents who demanded the removal of the medical superintendent at the Bimbilla Hospital, and certain staff members, resulting in the locking up of the hospital’s administration block.

Despite these challenges, Bimbilla Hospital has been recognized as the best hospital in the region for two consecutive years.

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