We’ve been employed by YEA – Toll workers make u-turn

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The Secretary of the Toll Workers with Disabilities has discredited claims that the Youth Employment Agency has not employed any of its members.

The Ghana Toll Workers Association earlier countered the Youth Employment Agency’s announcement of recruiting some 282 persons with disabilities, describing it as untrue.

At a press launch in Accra on Thursday, February 22, the Chief Executive Officer of the Youth Employment Agency, Kofi Baah Agyepong announced the government’s decision to recruit the former toll workers which he said was designed to provide the individuals with financial stability and an opportunity to contribute to the development of disability rights policies.

The workers immediately responded and denied that they had been engaged by the government.

But Ametor Ellah, secretary of the PWD toll workers, confirmed that he and some of his colleagues have been employed by the YEA.

“I want to let you know that it is not true that some of our people have not been employed based on their qualifications. They were asking for qualifications from SHS to degree level.

“Some of them have been employed and I have personally been employed. I was called for an interview and I was told that my appointment letter is ready.”



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