Those who swim in stolen opulence like Hajia 4Real deserve no sympathy – Blakk Rasta

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Ghanaian musician, Blakk Rasta born Abubakar Ahmed has stated that he has no sympathy for people who swim in stolen opulence like a popular socialite, Hajia 4Real.

He made these comments on Accra-based 3FM monitored by after the guilty plea by Hajia 4Real for engaging in romance scams with her aged victims.

He disclosed on the show “Hajia’s victims are told by the American Attorney that they are people who are sick and weak and are almost about to die but she didn’t care.

“A lot of her victims were so lonely and they were promised love by Hajia 4Real and probably her perpetrators and they knew they were so vulnerable and they knew this was old people whose one leg was already in the grave.

“But they didn’t care and she went ahead to steal their money and used the money for her buoyancy in the country and bought cars, and houses, and threw money around.

“She bought so much and she was swimming in stolen opulence so I have no sympathy for people like that and it doesn’t matter whether they are my brother or my sister, my father or my mother.

He added, “Old people, very lonely worked all their lives in sweat and blood to be able to raise money, it’ll take one person to come in fake some love, maybe show some nudity and boom steal from these people”.

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